• How To: Tie Dye T Shirts

      I hate to brag but I’m a professional tie-dyer.  TOTAL PRO! I know how to make T-shirts with dark colors that absolutely do not fade. Just don’t ...
  • Coming Out of the Closet and Dog Treats

    I have been wondering about how to come out about this for a while and I finally decided to JUST GO FOR IT!
  • Mint Brownies

    Jennifer Hyde in Logan, Utah gets all the credit. I stole this recipe from her and I am famous in Birdseye, UT for these suckers.
  • Because You Want To

    “All I WANT to do is read with my kids and make sourdough bread.”  
  • Why We Homeschool

    Stay Smart People✌🏼

    “Best Onion Ring I have ever had.” -Andy (and you guys, he’s always honest, if it’s not good, he’d tell me)
  • The Grand Canyon

    Camping under mile high towering cliffs, seeing 1000 colors as the sun goes down over the river and the white sand beaches are enough to make Andy wear river sandals and shorts for three weeks with no shame!
  • Our Adventures- True or False Quiz

    After 110 miles on a horrible hellish washboard dirt road, Andy suggested we go on another dirt road to see another historical site. Nikki cried.
  • Wildfire 2018 Read All About It

    I watched beautiful flames rip though canyons and explode cedar trees. I saw people at their worst, and their best! I now have cows that I could market as “pre-smoked” or “more likely to survive a wildfire," in fact, they survived TWO!