Coming Out of the Closet and Dog Treats


I decided to finally come out of the closet on an important subject. 

I AM A DOG MOM!  I own 5 dogs.  4 Females and one Fine Sire.  I breed them and sell THE CUTEST puppies.  It’s been happening for at least 5 years!  

Three years ago I had dogs, cows, kids and I sold puppies.  Puppies are so great but they are also A LOT of work.  

I wanted to sell beef!  These businesses were not combined.

I raised puppies, and we had beef cattle.  For a very short while, I had two websites, two instagram accounts and two businesses.  

It was TOO MUCH!  I couldn’t keep up with both.  

Over the years I’ve been working on growing our beef business and the puppy business takes care of itself.  It’s been easy to sell puppies and I haven’t had to advertise much.  I am also a very small scale breeder with usually only around 6 litters each year. 

I have a hired dog and puppy caretaker.  Everyday, she exercises my dogs, lets them run and play, cleans their beds, refills their food and water, and mostly just loves them! We have a four wheeler and the dogs get a nice little jog up the road almost every single day.  They have THE BEST LIFE!  My puppies are pretty spoiled too.  They get early neural stimulation treatment, fancy beds, cozy trailers and they have the best mom’s around!

A few months ago, I stole an idea from @BigSkyCaroline in Montana.  She brought up the option of creating dog treats out of offal.  Offal in the beef industry includes hearts, liver, kidneys, bones, trachea and tendons.  One thing led to another and now we have our very own dog treats!  We are so excited to be offering these along with our Dry Aged Beef to our customers. It allows us to utilize the whole animal so less is wasted. 

As far as the puppies go, I am still in the business.  We are expecting GOLDENDOODLES and BERNEDOODLES in exactly one month!  Both will be available so hit me up if you’re in the market.  Most folks can’t believe I sell puppies for such an affordable price and I can’t believe they pay that much.  It’s a win for both of us!

I can ship, I love to deliver, and we even have a training program as an option.  I prefer to sell to folks who have had dogs before and know about the puppy stage already.  Many of my puppies are great companions, therapy dogs, and a few have even gone on to be certified service dogs. 

PHEW!  I have been wondering about how to come out about this for a while and I finally decided to JUST GO FOR IT!  So here we are, writing a blog post about coming out of the dog closet.  


Thanks for reading.  Get your pup some of our treats!


  • Let me know when you have a litter of F1b labradoodles! We loved our other dog from you guys!!

    Colby Allan
  • Woman of oh sooo many hats!! Love it Nikki


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