Because You Want To

Because You Want To

I don’t watch movies, mostly because I can’t sit still long enough to focus on a movie.  Honestly, I used to lay down and go to sleep whenever we’d go to a movie as a family growing up.  Boring. 

But here and there one catches me and sucks me in and I watch the entire thing in one sitting and I just can’t get enough of it!

Enter The Notebook.

Okay I LOVE THAT MOVIE! So SO much.  There is one part where Noah and Allie are laying in the middle of the road talking and blah blah blah but then the MAJORLY IMPORTANT line comes in (or maybe it already happened, I can't remember exactly).

Now slow down and read every word of this sentence.  Maybe read it twice or three times.

“I mean all of those things are things you HAVE to do, right? But what do you do because you WANT to?” 


She ends up telling them that she likes to paint. Then at the end of the movie she is painting without a shirt and ends up answering the front door in nothing but a blanket. 

(TOTALLY WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO! Thank you Hollywood for teaching us all how to be normal.) 

Sorry- tangent. 


I’ve been thinking of that for the last few days.  Sometimes we get so busy things we HAVE to do that we forget about the things we WANT to do.  


I was talking to my Mother-in-Law last month and telling her all the things I HAD to do and in the middle of the conversation I said, “All I WANT to do is read with my kids and make sourdough bread.”  


So what if I did all the things I WANT to do?


Here’s what I would do.


I’d make a dang nice pair of leather moccasins.


See ya in the Leather Shop ✌🏼


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