Onion Rings

We don’t have alcohol in our house. When I decided I wanted to make beer battered onion rings I immediately had a problem. No beer!

My grumpy old neighbor came to the rescue and told me I could borrow a beer from him anytime. He said, “I keep it in stock.” 

I just love that grumpy old guy. Once I told Andy, “he’s pretty profane.” 

Andy replied, “he cleans it up A LOT when you are around.”


Try these! They won’t disappoint. 

“Best Onion Ring I have ever had.” -Andy (and you guys, he’s always honest, if it’s not good, he’d tell me)



Step 1:

     In a medium mixing bowl, sift dry ingredients together.  

10 oz flour

2 tsp. baking powder

2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. white pepper

1 egg

1 pint beer

4 pounds onions

(extra flour is needed for dredging)

Step 2: 

     Beat egg in a separate bowl, add beer to the beaten egg.

Step 3:

     Add the egg-and-beer mixture to the dry ingredients, mix until fully incorporated

Step 4:

     Peel the onions and cut into 1/2 inch thick slices.  Break the slices into rings and dredge in flour. (extra flour is used here for dredging)

Step 6: 

     Dip the rings in the batter a few at a time.  Using the swimming method, deep fry at 375º  F until done.  Drain on paper towels or cookie cooling rack, season with additional salt and white pepper and serve hot.

Dip in Ketchup, or Fry Sauce equal parts ketchup and mayo! 


Serve with Dry Aged Beef Burgers

Happy Deep Frying✌🏼


  • I sorry, the meats are awful. There are a “stems” thru there. We love the meat, before this one. We can’t even eat them now. Please come and get them

    Carole Hammond
  • I love a good onion ring!!!
    I love that these were made with love … and yes a good beer! God bless your neighbor! There’s is nothing I love
    More than a hard days work and a nice cold beer after!!! If it’s in the form of onion rings that’s okay too!

  • I cant wait to try these . . . thanks for sharing!

    Kim Phelan
  • I have always wanted to make homemade onion rings.

  • We love onion rings around here so im definitely going to have to try these 😊


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