Our Adventures- True or False Quiz

Just so you know... all of these stories are 100% true!


One time we shared cereal - Honey Bunches of Oats to be exact- with a fella that was living in his car near Jackson Hole. Andy ended up giving him his Cowboy hat.

On a similar trip, Andy’s friend (who was driving) picked up a hitchhiker and let him ride on the back of his flatbed truck. We had bedrolls tied on the back and we didn’t notice until we were going really fast that he was behind the 5th wheel hitch. We forgot to tell him that he was welcome to sit on the bedrolls.

The aforementioned hitchhiker had lunch with us and Andy’s friend gave him a beer. The hitchhiker may have been interested in Andy’s friend.

Nikki was terrified during both events because she had always been taught never pick up hitchhikers or talk to strangers. 


Once we were headed out on an adventure and pulled up to two guys stopped in the road totally in shock walking around the middle of the highway.

They had just hit and killed a deer and didn’t know what to do next. 

We assisted with Step 1: Pull your car off the road and quit walking around aimlessly in the middle of the road. They said, “but we just killed a deer.” We assured them that moving their car out of the road and standing on the shoulder would probably still be the best idea. And yes the deer was 100% dead!


We have been on quite a few adventures with bad maps (and a hippy friend who is a bad map reader). We never end up where we plan but always have a good story at the end. 


One time we made a diaper for Baby Ty out of duct tape and an old t-shirt. It didn’t work- at all.


One time Andy’s dad (named Virgil) invited a vagabond to our camp dinner. He had a steak and told us some (weird) stories.

The next morning, as we were riding horses up a canyon he was on the top looking down with his hiking poles swinging in the air yelling, “Virgil! Virgil!”


After 110 miles on a horrible hellish washboard dirt road, Andy suggested we go on another dirt road to see another historical site. Nikki cried.

PS- have you ever driven to the Hole in the Rock trailhead in Utah?


One time in Hovenweep Nikki took a family picture for a polygamist family and then all the kids wouldn’t leave her dog alone. Andy had to get a little stern with them to get all the kids away from us. I think their mom’s were all trying to get the dad’s attention. They weren’t paying attention to their kids for sure!


Andy and Nikki both had Mule Deer tags in 2020. After 3 days of hunting, Andy told Nikki “I don’t care about hunting anymore. Get your gun we’ll go get load of firewood and YOU can hunt after.” 

Right after we gathered a load of wood we pulled around the corner and Andy yelled, “there’s deer! Give me the gun!” 

He shot the biggest buck of his life. 

It’s fine. I’ve missed A LOT of big deer in my life! Once Andy started crying I think. He was sitting by a tree and he just kept saying, “Nikki that was the biggest deer I have ever seen in my life!” (To his credit, the neighbor told us it would have easily been a state record.) 


Andy flipped a raft full of scouts in warm springs rapid on the Colorado River once. To see actual live footage, click this link.


Ring tailed cats took over our camp one night on a trip. Nikki got her flashlight out and they were everywhere. Andy thought about firing rocks at them with his slingshot but then decided not to because it’s illegal.


Once we went to gather horses and found an old old mare with super long feet. We planned to catch her and take her home but she gave us a run for our money and we have never seen her since.


Once we were 1000 miles from nowhere and we locked the keys in our truck. Nikki thought about riding her horse to the nearest town. It probably would have taken days. In about 30 seconds Andy had a piece of wood shoved in the door and unlocked the truck with a piece of wire!


Once Andy tried to rope a coyote and just as he was about to throw his rope his horse slipped on the ice and endo-d! His friend tried the same thing 2 weeks later and did the same thing. No horses were harmed. 


Once while waiting in our car at a stoplight in Las Vegas, we watched a man with nothing but a t-shirt on jump out of the bushes, look both ways, run across the road, then hide in the next bushes on the other side of the road.


Andy’s childhood friend had cats named Elvis and Pelvis.


We rode our horses 28 miles to the highest point in Utah, got a good look at it but didn’t bother to jump off and walk an additional 200 yards to the top. 


Ty was born on Halloween. About 15 hours later, in the middle of the night, I woke up to a gothic hooker in my hospital room. She scared me to death!!!

She said, “yeah this is really funny to my co-workers because it’s totally not like me.” 


Andy’s first truck was stuck on 70s country radio. He had no choice but to listen. 

Now I dare any of you to try to beat him in a “name the singer” contest. He’ll get it done in about 3 beats. 

“Buck Owens Tiger by the Tail!” 


On one of our adventures we lost the trial in rattlesnake country. We were walking 6 miles through knee high grass in sandals. I kept asking Andy if he’d seen any snakes. He kept telling me he hadn’t seen any. When we finished our hike he said, “I can’t believe you didn’t see a snake. There were SO MANY RATTLESNAKES!” Wow. 


I can’t think of anymore stories so I guess that’s it for now! Thx for reading.✌🏼

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  • I genuinely want to see the footage of you flipping the raft. The link isn’t working though.

    The snake one…no. just no. I wouldn’t have gone into the grass.

    You have so many adventures!

    Corinne Hammond

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