The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


I’ve had a hard time trying to think of what to say about the Grand Canyon. It’s kind of something you have to experience yourself. I can’t tell just tell you about it. You’d have to see it yourself. I’d hate to do it and injustice and not give you the full effect.


Here’s a few facts just to get you started...


The Colorado river system from Green River Wyoming To California was a blank spot on the map until 1869 when John Wesley Powell and a group of soldiers, scientists, and trappers, explored for the first time running all the rapids in wooden boats With no life jackets, no map and hard tack, coffee and dried apples. Most of which got wet and molded, nearly causing them to starve by the time they got to the end of the trip. The fact that they had no idea where or when the canyon would end or where it would lead them added to the suffering and hardship that they endured making this one of the Greatest and most famous expeditions in American History. Read more about here. Into the Great Unknown. 


Modern day river trips down the Grand Canyon start at Lee’s Ferry right below Lake Powell. They travel down stream over 200 miles and usually end at either Diamond Creek or Lake Mead.


All gear, food and other items are to be packed in and out. That means toilets and human waste needs to be hauled out of the canyon as well. 

Ask me what a Johnny partner smells like day 21. The fully sealed Johnny partner has a pressure release valve for a reason. Can you imagine if one blew up? The Grand Canyon is a national park. Leave no trace policies are in full affect.

river toilet Johnny partner Grand Canyon

There are 80 named Rapids on the Grand Canyon. Two of which are among the largest runnable rapids in North America. Crystal and Lava Falls. To learn more about the rapids check out one of Andy’s top five favorite books ever, The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko.

emerald mile Kevin fedarko Grand Canyon book

You may have came to the conclusion at this point that the Grand Canyon is for adrenaline junkies and white water enthusiasts. While there is plenty of that to offer, the real treasure is in the Main Canyon and in side tributaries. Here’s a picture of the Little Colorado River, Havasu, Elves Chasm, Nankoweep and Deer Creek Falls just to give you a taste.

little Colorado River Grand Canyon Havasu deer creek falls

The Grand Canyon has its own species of rattlesnake. Coral pink. I’ve seen a few. Don’t bother them and they won’t bother you. The main reason people get bit because they bug them. I guess if you play with fire it’s all right to get burned. Getting bit by a rattlesnake is the number one reason people have to be transported out of the canyon via helicopter.


Camping under mile high towering cliffs, seeing 1000 colors as the sun goes down over the river and the white sand beaches are enough to make Andy wear river sandals and shorts for three weeks with no shame!

Grand Canyon Andy skyline beef river running

My grandpa got into river running years ago by chance when my uncle was young. One of his business clients offered to take him and my uncle on the first 6 days of the Grand Canyon. After day six, he hiked 10 miles to the rim and drove home. 

Six days was enough for him to to get addicted and he’s been collecting all the latest and greatest gear and running rivers ever since. He’s kind enough to let friends family and even church and scout groups enjoy the canyons and rivers as he does. 


If you’d like to see the Grand Canyon, check out western river expeditions. They offer weekly trips to give you a glimpse. I got my first taste as a senior in high school. My aunt dropped out of the family trip the day before and I was SO THERE! I’ve seen Maui, I’ve been on a cruise, NONE of which compare to the Grand Canyon. If you ever get the opportunity DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU! 


See ya downstream ✌🏼

little Colorado Havasu

PS- YES! The Little Colorado and Havasu are both REALLY THAT COLOR! You have to see it to believe it. 


  • I did a weeklong river trip years ago. It was the absolute best. I would LOVE to go again someday.

  • I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but you described it perfectly! I grew Up in Washington doing a river rafting trip every year with my family in Yakima. 8 hours on the water. So fun! You definitely just added the Grand Canyon to our bucket list! The pictures are beautiful!

  • I loved readed all three of these little gems! 💕


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