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SOLD OUT! Check back next Fall.  Beef shares will be available toward the end of January.  We are able to deliver beef shares to Utah only.  Pickup is available as well.  

Quarter Share Includes...

 20% steaks

30% roasts and other cuts

50% ground beef

A quarter share weighs about 100 pounds total.  Please specify your favorite cuts and we'll do our best to meet your requests. We are unable to ship beef shares at this time. 


Eighth Share Includes...

20% steaks

30% roasts and other cuts

50% ground beef

This will weigh about 50 pounds total.  


Sixteenth Share will be divided the same, 20% steaks, 30% roasts and other cuts and 50% ground beef.  Total amount will weigh about 25 pounds. 


Shares may include the following cuts...

large roasts

small roasts


cube steaks (2 per pkg)

top sirloin steaks

Tri tip

flank steak

Ribeye steaks (2 per pkg)

flat iron steaks

T-bone steaks (2 per pkg)

Porterhouse Steaks (1 per pkg)

New York steaks (2 per pkg)

Filet Mignon (2 lb pkg)

stew meat

osso bucco (beef shank)

marrow bones (please specify if you'd like bones or offal)